// Project: www.aaronbruhn.com

----------- Future Release -----------

Add Parallax to all pages
Link to Resume
Repair Social Media links
publish photography content
link fiver profile
fix font colors
Update font selection

----------- Alpha Versions -----------

Version 0.03a - December 15, 2017.

Updated Resume Page with information and profile picture.
Updated text and layout on index.html
Removed dedicated Social Media page, redundant.
Added Social Media Links to bottom of index.html
Added blog section and links to it on all pages.

Version 0.02a - December 3, 2017.

Updated text on main page.
Added Parallax effect on index.html
fixed formatting issues on index.html
added changelog.html

Version 0.01a - December 1, 2017.

Website Launched!
Website outline formed around Dreamweaver template
began editing framework.